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Chief Harmony Officer

Helping You Improve Your Space Thru The Art Of Feng Shui

Meet Stacie

I am Stacie Sholer, and I am so glad you are here!

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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About Me

From a young age, I’ve had a fascination with decluttering and decorating. I’ve always loved moving furniture around and creating a clean, beautiful space that I enjoy being in. Whether it was my bedroom, my office, or my entire home, clearing and nurturing my environment made me feel love, happiness, peace, and at home — literally and also in the sense of being at home with myself. This is what I strive to create for others.

Originally from Minnesota but now based in Phoenix, I’m a proud mom and grandmother and love spending time with my children, granddaughter, friends, and family. As an advocate for giving back, I’ve served as a coach for Girls on the Run and volunteer with charities including St. Jude’s, American Cancer Society, and Gabriel’s Angels. You’ll also find me creating art, hiking, exploring nature, traveling, aerial silks, connecting with those that I love, practicing Pilates, and getting creative in the kitchen.

Journey Into Feng Shui

My personal journey into Feng Shui began in 2012, when I started working with various Feng Shui masters and proceeded to Feng Shui my home and office. I remodeled the home, got rid of furniture, bought new furniture and decor, and decluttered every inch of the home and office.

Since then, my relationships have deepened, my income has increased exponentially (10x what it was), and my health has improved (I no longer need to take any prescription medication to sleep or for ADHD). I love to help others achieve similar positive results in their lives through the work that I do as a Feng Shui consultant.

In addition to Feng Shui, I’m also a reiki master and a SoulCollage facilitator as well as certified in Gateway Heart Healing, a Shaman, and PAX Incorporated and PSI graduate. Years of personal growth and soul-searching led me down this path of transformation for myself. Now, my life’s work is to help others experience this same transformation so that they, too, can live a life of passion and purpose.

Consultant and Healer

Prior to my work as a consultant and healer, I was the regional president at BACTES Imaging Solutions, where I helped build and lead top-performing teams and oversaw the Arizona division of this health information management company. After 19 years there — and diving deeper and deeper into personal development — I retired to focus helping others grow in all areas of their lives.

This purpose drives my work. I love helping people get clear about what they want in life and then create the space for the universe, God and all that is to deliver on those intentions. Through my work in studying human potential, partnership, energy and shaman healings, and Feng Shui, I’ve helped clients receive astounding results that exceed the intentions they set.

My hope is that those who work with me find harmony and an energetic flow in their space and in their lives. I have found Feng Shui to be a great tool in achieving this, just like the other healing modalities I specialize in, and am passionate about sharing these ways to well-being with others through one-on-one work and workshops.

Who is Feng Shui For?

If you’re like many people these days, you’re spending more and more time at home in an environment that might be hindering you in ways you’re not even aware of. That’s where I come in.

I will help you sort through the physical and emotional clutter that’s holding you back so you can live a life of creativity, abundance, and true fulfillment. I’ll declutter, rearrange, and decorate your space in a meaningful way that supports your goals, whether that’s building your business, improving your relationships with family and friends, achieving better health, or feeling truly at peace.

My Feng Shui methodology is ideal for wherever you find yourself. Perhaps you want to declutter your space to make it more liveable and even joyous to be in. Maybe you want to stage your home to sell it. Or maybe you simply feel like you need a helping hand (and heart) to walk you through sifting through old boxes that might be full of memories and wounds you’ve packed away for years.

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